About Us


Who are we?

Whitezip is a global marketing agency offering acquisition, customer services, affiliate marketing, design and development services. We enhance the sales and profits of all our clients by creating the best first-class entertainment spaces for our customers, all around the world. We began our journey in January 2016 with 8 people, we now have a bigger team and a bigger office in London and Malta and our ever-growing team work together as one.

Our vision

Together, with our strategic partners, deliver the best player experience, with the best service and value across our product verticals and every channel.



  • First paying customer
  • 30,000 Actives & Launch of 5th Brand
  • 15000 FTDs in a month & £10m deposits taken in a month
  • TV Advert launched, 50000+ Actives & Launched 10th Brand
  • COVID driven Work from home model adopted & PPC and SEO taken inhouse
  • Become Multi-Platform, Enhanced AI Tools introduced & Launch 15th Brand
  • New Malta Office


– Dersim Sylwan

At Whitezip things are never boring. We are constantly being challenged by competition, and we are constantly challenging ourselves to deliver the best possible experience to our customers. Our organisation is all about execution and to move from the right strategic decisions to action. The key to our success is giving our co-workers flexibility, trust and ownership that then streamlines forward through our market leading marketing, retention, tech, design and data analytics departments.


Our Management Team


  • Whitezip is the type of company I have been looking to be a part of for my entire career. The support and encouragement along with the trust they give us all, allows us to thrive as individuals and as a wider team. This means that the work I do isn’t a chore, but something I actively want to contribute to & complete. Everyone is so approachable & friendly, and that makes it an absolute pleasure to work with each and every member of the team & for the company as a whole.

    Craig Banthorpe Craig Banthorpe Project Manager
  • Being apart of Whitezip is an absolute pleasure. The company really values our expertise and talents, providing us with all the tools and support needed to achieve our best work. The friendly culture of Whitezip makes everyone a joy to work with and seeing your efforts positively impacting the company is hugely rewarding!

    Shaun Fernandes Shaun Fernandes Hybrid Designer Developer
  • Whitezip really is the first company I’ve worked for that truly knows the value of it’s employees and create an atmosphere I am able to thrive to work to the best of my ability. From the top down everyone in the company is approachable and helpful, giving us the tools to develop and makes it clear we’re pushing in the right direction to succeed as a business. I’m proud to be part of the Whitezip Family.

    Andrew Phillips Andrew Phillips Tester

Whitezip is for the
Curious, the
Determined, the
Creators, and the
Problem Solvers

Are you a creative problem solver? We’re looking for you! Whitezip is currently hiring people from all backgrounds to bring our customers the best service in the world. We embrace diversity and are committed to building an outstanding team from a variety of backgrounds. Succeed and learn with us, at Whitezip. Get in touch, or take a look at our careers page to learn more, and join the amazing team!


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