WZ Culture Our Family

In it together

Culture and expertise in the market makes
us stronger

Whitezip as a brand has great recognition and is positioned as a fun, friendly and supportive brand.

Strongly adding value and being very adaptive to the environment. Looking after their most valued assets – their employees.

We believe in deep collaboration of our groups, which allow us to innovate in a way that others cannot. A together mentality sustains us when the going gets tough.

Ideals - 5 things we value

Strong values that bring great people together

Our product is the reflection of our happiness so we encourage having fun while being the best & remember Happy people leads to Happy Customers!


Collective Energy: Alone we accomplish, together we succeed!


We aim to be accountable; responsible; reliable and genuine.


We embrace and respect the differences in our cultures which allows us to maintain an open mindedness that carries out through our company operations.

Family Feel

One big and ever-growing family together under one roof, focused on creating a safe and caring environment, where we all work together towards one mission.


A meaningful moment you experienced at Whitezip...

"The decision of management to keep staff safe and work from home."

"My first day - felt very welcomed."

"The WZ story - starting from handful of people working out of a single room to a £20m+ per month gaming company."

"Multiple new brand launches."

"Presentation to VIP and being able to better my skills."

"Launch of new casino."


Join us, your story could be next.

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